Monday, 19 February 2018

Cyclone GITA

Room 6 has collaborated to bring you news reports about Cyclone Gita.

Breaking news, Cyclone Gita is heading towards New Zealand with heavy winds and lots of rain. It already hit Tonga and caused floods and knocked down power lines with great fury. It has been the strongest storm in Tonga in the last 60 years. 75% of houses have been knocked down by the large gusts of wind. Tonga’s parliament house has also become a victim of Cyclone Gita.

By: Kiki, Seung Joon, Maddy and Eshaan

This cyclone has been the strongest storm in 60 years for Tonga. Cyclone Gita is going to hit 3 countries Tonga, Fiji and New  Zealand. There are fears that the cyclone will hit Fiji next. Lots of houses have been torn apart and at this stage 30 people have been injured. We are still yet to find out if anyone has died.
Tongan parliament house was destroyed in the cyclone as well. New Zealand is donating $750,000 to help with buildings, schools, houses and parliament. The people woke up to houses and buildings destroyed.
By Danyon,Jaiveer,Micah and Messum

Breaking News!
Tonga has been hit by the biggest storm in 60 years. Cyclone Gita has caused 75% of homes to be destroyed including the Tongan Parliament house. There are fears that cyclone Gita will journey towards Fiji and New Zealand. New Zealand is contributing by donating Tonga $75,000 to rebuild the comforting homes they once had
  • Naysha, Meera, Eliza, Zahra

This year Tonga has experienced the the strongest cyclone in over 60 years. New Zealand is doing there best to help people recover from the damage  and is donating 750,000 dollars. Cyclone Gita has caused lots of damage such as 75% of homes in Tonga have been destroyed. Cyclone Gita is charging towards New Zealand and it may hit us any minute so take care of yourselves, stay safe and be cautious. See you next time on the news.

The strongest storm in 60 years for tonga is passing through Fiji and is now heading for New Zealand right now.  New Zealand is donating $75,000 and a military plane is on standby to help rebuild. 75% of houses were destroyed(Including Tonga’s parliament house)
Frederick,Bryan,Sean and Tvisha
Warning:Watch out !
Breaking news! Cyclone Gita hits Tonga! Gita is their strongest storm in 60 years. The cyclone is predicted to hit Fiji and pass over the central parts of New Zealand. 75% of the houses in Tonga have been destroyed. New Zealand has donated thousands of dollars to help the recovery in Tonga.
Zaara, Anchal, Moon-Hee and Harun

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The 3 C's

Kicking off the year with the 3 C's: COLLABORATION, CO-OPERATION & COMMUNICATION

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Oh The Places You'll Go...

With 2018 ahead of us, we got some inspiration from a Dr. Seuss classic. Thanks Dr. Seuss! Here's some examples of what we learnt after reading 'Oh The Places You'll Go'

After Mr Tomokino read the book, ‘Oh The Places You’ll go’ by Doctor Seuss, I learnt that life is not a straight pathway with no obstacles. There will be ups and downs but whether you like it or not, you should push through those times and keep on going. Everyone should know that there are no dead ends, only difficult paths ...
I learnt that you should never give up but keep on trying. There can be some hard times in life but you have to face them. You are going to have some twists and turns but you’ll get back on the right track.
I learnt that there will be hard times but to keep going, stay positive, always smile and
never give up!!
I have learnt after reading this book, that when you are alone or lost you have to pull yourself together and move on.  I also realised that you need to be courageous and take risks.

You can’t always be the best but there is always more space for you to improve.
Everyone has struggles and has times that you don’t know what to do. But you have to learn to never give up and stay positive.   
there will be ups and downs in life but you should never give up and though you get upset you should always stay positive.
I learnt  that to keep on trying never give up stay patient be calm.
I’ve learnt that life is life and sometimes you get stuck in the mud. If you don’t know what to do, laugh and have fun no matter what happens. But never give up and always look for the light in your life.
After listening to ‘Oh the places you'll go’ it really inspired me to never give up and keep trying in life. There will be ups and downs in life but you just need to deal with it.  When you start growing up there will be really hard times in your life and there will be solutions that you can solve.I learnt that never give up and there will always be space for you anywhere and anytime.I also learnt was you might not always get what you want.